In the center of the story is a community of people who are not related by blood, common economy, or religious views. They are united by an irresistible attraction to the archaic culture of the Russian North, the search for their roots, and the desire to be involved in something more.

 For more than 10 years, near Moscow, in the village of Vozdvizhenskoe, there is a unique island of the Russian North. It was created by restorers of wooden architecture and volunteers. It is called the carpenter’s yard “New old”. Some of the buildings, unique old huts, were brought from the Northern regions of Russia and restored here. This was the only way to save them. The other part is already built on-site using old technology. Everyone comes here, learns traditional crafts, and reconstructs the life of archaic Russia together. This place brought together people of different professions and social groups and formed a real brotherhood from them. Every summer a group of carpenter’s yard goes for the restoration of monuments of wooden architecture in the Russian North.


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