The value of wooden walls

The story is about restorers of wooden architecture and volunteers who are engaged in preserving architectural monuments of the Russian North. The project is a survey of what leads people to this unusual work. For me, this is a personal story, because I myself share their values, aspirations, and inner connection with this sacred area.

“We have people who understand the value of wooden walls. Every Russian person has a sense of wood, you just need to wake it up, ” said Dmitry Sokolov, head of the restoration artel. People themselves say that they are driven to this business by an inexplicable love for the North, a desire to preserve the cultural heritage of their folk, and the need to be involved in something meaningful. Restoration and preservation of the unique architecture of the Russian North are carried out through the efforts of such restoration teams, which do it at private expense. At the same time, state participation is minimal. People understand that if they don’t do it themselves, no one will.


Takie Dela


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